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Scottsdale antique appraiser

Scottsdale antique appraiser

Do you have some interesting fine art or antique pieces? Let Morton Appraisals check it out for you. Instead of selling it to a Scottsdale antique store, you can hire us as an auction representative. We’ll find you a nationally recognized auction house to consign with. For more information on our company, just visit our website.  

Don’t throw out that old clock in your attic just yet. It might be worth something. One of the best ways to determine the value of an item is to approach an appraiser. Consulting an appraiser before you head to a Scottsdale antique store is always a good idea, as some stores might not offer you a fair price. You have to have a clear idea how much your item is worth before you try to sell it.
A professional appraiser can give you a written report that details the procedure he used for estimating the current value of the item. The report may tell you the fair-market value, which is the amount a buyer will pay you for the item. It might also include a replacement value, which is what item will cost in the retail market at present.
If you are interested in selling the item, an appraiser can help you find a Scottsdale antique store or auction house you can sell it to. For trustworthy appraiser, contact Morton Appraisals. As a member of the Antique Appraisal Association of America, we follow professional and ethical standards every step of the way. To find out what kind of pieces we can appraise, just browse our website. You can also request an initial online estimate for your antique through our online evaluation service. Contact Morton Appraisals at 480 – 326 – 6885 for inquiries.
Scottsdale antique appraiser

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Scottsdale antique appraiser

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