Sony to offer video compression in the next PS3 Firmware update?

Sony have managed to slip some nifty new features into its latest Blue Ray players. These improvements allow the Blue Ray players to quickly convert video files for use onto a PSP or Sony Media Player. This is COULD be great news for PS3 owners as often this kind of software upgrade finds its way into PS3 firmware upgrades. This would mean users who use PlayTV could easily convert the files for use on the PSP without having to export to a PC or Mac first.

The more hardware like the PS3 or computers in general can have conversion software built in the better for all of us. What would be great is if its implemented at a system level so that the moment the user tries to copy content from one machine to another, whether its video or audio, its automatically optomised for that hardware. This would take the ‘techie’ element away and result in making it user friendly to the vast majority of consumers out there.